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What does my ticket get me?

Each 3-hour session includes (1) 45-minute assigned Big Bounce (World's Largest Bounce House) jump session and 2 hours of access to both The Giant (900-ft long inflatable obstacle course) and The Bounce Village.


What is a Junior Session?

Junior Sessions are for children age 7 and under only. Parents may accompany children but must also have a ticket for that time. Children 4 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult. A ticket will be required for anyone entering a bounce structure. Babies who are worn for the duration of the bounce time will not require a ticket.


What is an All-Ages Session?

The All-Ages sessions are open to all ages. Children 4 and under must be accompanied by an adult. The Big Bounce America structure can hold up to 200 adults per 45-minute session but we’ll only permit 190 aboard the structure at any given time. All-Ages sessions are meant to be perfectly safe and enjoyable for all ages.


What is an Adults-Only Session?

During the Adults-Only session, we’ll only permit those 13 and over to access the Big Bounce America and The Giant. This is a one-hour ticket. During your ticketed time, you’ll have the run of the structures. Only 190 patrons will attend each of these sessions.


I’m a parent. Do I need a ticket?

Yes, if you want to enter any of our inflatable attractions along with (or without) your children you will require your own individual ticket.

Is there a minimum age limit?
Only on the Adult Only Sessions where everyone must be aged 13 or over. Children 4 and under, entering a Junior or All Ages session, must be accompanied by an adult.


There are no fees for spectators to enter the event grounds.

Only those planning on bouncing on any of the inflatables, require a ticket. This includes parents who are accompanying children. Parents accompanying a child should simply purchase their own individual ticket to the same session/time slot that their kid is attending.


All children aged 4 and under can enter any Junior or All-Ages session but must be accompanied by a paying parent/carer with their own ticket. Children 5 & above can enter the Juniors or All-Ages sessions with or without a parent.


Socks are required to be worn on any/all bounce structure(s). Shoes are not allowed.


Phones, Wallets, and other personal belongings should be held in a backpack, fanny pack, or secured in a zipped pocket. You’re here  to bounce and things tend to bounce out if they’re not properly secured. Lost and found will be manned on-site, but we can only return items that are turned in to our volunteers.


No outside food or beverage please.

Food trucks and vendors will be on site with all types of food and beverage for purchase.


Tickets are cheapest when purchased in advance from this website and will cost more if purchased on the event day from the box office.