My husband should love this one...

Meatless Mondays. What's all the fuss?

I loooooooove food. To look at me, you probably wouldn't guess it, but I LIVE to be in the kitchen and stuffing my face with carbs. I mean, I adore my husband and kids, I even actually love my job, but an hour or so of alone time in the kitchen on a Saturday when everyone else is napping can be the highlight of my week.

I also love meat. I, honestly, have a difficult time planning a menu without it...and I typically avoid doing so because I'm 100% confident that the hubs and our youngest daughter are going to give me and that meal a great big "no thank you".

Buuuuut...if I occasionally sneak a Meatless Monday in there, they'll have to forgive me. The benefits are hard to ignore.

For example, if we focus solely on the health aspects (we'll leave the planet completely out of this post), I'm sure you'll agree, it might just be worth a second look -

  • Eating less meat and more vegetables, beans, and nuts, can improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • Skipping even half of a serving of meat every day and replacing it with a plant protein like beans or tofu (not my jam but maybe I'm not doing it right) can decrease your risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

  • Substituting plant-based foods for meat can help you maintain a healthy weight.

  • Cutting back on red and processed meat and eating more plant-based foods can promote kidney health.

  • Beans, nuts, soy, and other vegetables can give you all the protein you need in one day.

AND, if improving your overall health isn't enough of a win , think of it as a budget-friendly way to dine at least once a week.

In my free time, which is pretty scarce, I love to browse recipe blogs. I'll poke around the internet until I find something that I can throw together with simple ingredients that we already have on hand. Admission: I keep our kitchen fairly well stocked.

Anyway, one of my go-to blogs is I can always seem to find something family-friendly that packs a total flavor punch, and wouldn't you know, she even has some great ideas for meatless meals.

We'll be trying out (some of my household under protest) the Slow Cooker Enchilada Orzo and the Spinach Tomato Tortellini Soup. They look amazing. Did I mention I love carbs?

By the way - on a Tuesday through Sunday sometime, you should definitely make the Skillet Mushroom Chicken Thighs, found here. My picky little family doesn't love mushrooms, so I omitted those and added a bit of fresh lemon juice and a dash of white wine to the cream sauce. YUM.

It's Monday. I'll be going home to fight the good fight. Wanted to give you some encouragement as well.

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