5 of the Best Indoor Exercises for a Rainy Day

No equipment needed.

1. Stretching

A regular stretching routine should be an integral part of your fitness and it is as important as either cardiovascular or resistance training, bringing a whole range of benefits including:

improved mobility, greater range of movement, greater efficiency of movement, and reduced risk of injury.

Begin gently. Gradually and carefully move your body or the limb being stretched into the stretch position. Once you feel slight tension in the muscle, hold the position. Avoid bouncing or any other movements, which could overstretch the muscle and result in injury. Wait 15 seconds and then stretch further. After approximately 15 seconds, your body’s natural stretch inhibiting reflex will relax, allowing you to stretch a little more. Gently ease a little further into the stretch and hold for a further 15 seconds.

Keep breathing.

Always keep your breathing easy and relaxed because that will reduce all-round muscular tension, which in turn will allow you to stretch further. Holding your breath will tense up your entire body, making stretching much less effective.

2. Stair Stepping

Stair stepping is a great exercise to do in your home, even if you don’t have a set of stairs available. Find the biggest book you own, put it in front of the TV, and step up and down while watching your favorite show. You may not work up a sweat, but you will be keeping your body active and healthy.

3. The Plank

If you don’t have a lot of time, but you want to build up your core muscles, this is the exercise for you. Get into a push-up position, but instead of bending your arms and moving down towards the floor, hold the position with your arms extended. Start off holding the position for 30 seconds, and add an additional 10 seconds every day. See how long you can go for. This definitely isn't the easiest exercise, but it's one of the best you can do for your core.

4. High Knees

High knees can really get your heart pumping, especially if you go double time. To do this exercise, march in place or down a hall, and bring your knees as high as they can go.

5. Lunges

Wanna make these a bit more challenging? Instead of stepping back into place with each lunge, step forward, and continue until you make it all the way down the hallway and back (or room to room). You'll probably feel an intense burn in your legs with this workout.

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